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New creative high quality TWS
New creative high quality TWS

Product number: P48
Smart Touch ‬control+take from output‬power on+self-matching‬right
Bluetooth solution: Bluetooth 5.1 high-definition dual-channel earphone, master-slave switching, freely
Charging capacity: 300MA (602030 with board ‬ with cable (300mAH))
Headphone battery: 400808 without board ‬ without wire (25mah)
Horn: φ14.2/round horn
Chip: Jerry AC6963a4
Play time during music broadcast: 2-3 hours
When the headset is charged: 1.5-2 hours
Charging box charging ‬ charging time: 1.5 hours left ‬ right
Charging frequency of the earphone ‬: 2 times
Ear weight: 3.5g
Blue distance from teeth: 10 meters
Product accessories: use ‬ Ming book + charging data limit
Support ODM customization, Pinli‬ customization, ODM customization
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